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After the new experience of Ana with Phil on his birthday, she was a woman changes, it seems that he opened a deep feeling in it and our own voluntary sexual intimacy, often spoke of him and how she had been surprised by the complete loss of inhibition, although it was ahead of me and he was a complete unknown to her before that date. He had been set for a drink in advance, and feel a little drunk by this. that he had not said that Phil was sending e- mails, how much he liked it, sexandsubmission and declared that he was playing very eager and willing to return to her. Still not mean it is a coworker of my old and I had ordered and set the whole thing behind them. Three months later it was Christmas and Anne said she was going with some girls from work to a Christmas party. A meal and a couple of drinks later in the city center. Phil another chance to work on maStrategic and I thought I sent to let you know that she would be in town with some friends 21st and that would end the night at a nightclub in the print shop entertainment complex In the evening I sexandsubmission was in his cab , and I saw him dressed after the shower, knowing that Phil wanted to surprise later made ​​me very happy with the anticipation of what would happen excited. It was definitely a surprise when Anne wore a low cut black dress with lace stockings and hold it down. The four 'mules sexandsubmission heels she was very sexy indeed, and had even brought down to stop when he got into the car for me in the city to sell. in the bustling city center could not find a place to do so I've heard in the restaurant where she was meeting her friend. she leaned over and kissed my cheek and told me to text later when she wanted to shoot. after I put them and how I was could take back home I have my own excitement at the thought of what might happen later to sit with Phil, and had to stop to masturbate at the thought. The rest of my night was pretty mundane walked the dog, put some clothes in the washer and then watch TV until my cell phone rang and showed that it displays a new message was received. It was 2 o'clock and, indeed, had a text from Anne. : Hey sexy girl - 2b was able to guess who I found? Xx x I was shaking with excitement when the text sexandsubmission again : C u in 20 minutes - which met u? X You sent me a reply about five minutes later, when he started driving. : ok - Phil could x When I pulled out of the printers that I have been a better vision of Phil and Anne in sexandsubmission a passionate embrace of a door next to the club have been well received, they were so down to every kiss I did not get wrapped noticed. I heard the horn and made them look around the headlamps a bit surprised by the blaze. isclimbed into the backseat of my car and I had something to say, ' You want to look here, Phil,' I talked to him looking through the rearview mirror. ' Yes, Anne was very happy to see me so well,' he said. ' They just sit back and relax, I'll be home in no time,' he told this to go along the road. on the way back to our house in the suburbs, where he could see glimpses of them kissing and touching each other in the back seat through the rear sexandsubmission view mirror. I had a hard mass, because of this and had to concentrate on the campaign to suppress my instinct. entering the driveway, I parked and got out the car to open the front door, so Phil and Anne still kiss in the back of the car. sexandsubmission went home and later came in about sexandsubmission five minutes. was in the kitchen fixing a couple of drinks for all of us, when Anne came in and said he wanted to talk about what Phil had suggested. ' What you have proposed? ' I askedthem. Anne was obviously quite drunk, and sat up half the stool breakfast, when he started talking to me about the proposal to Phil, 'Phil loves me even for an hour or so, and I want without having to have 'before he could finish, my arms around her and kissed her mouth,' of course you can, 'he said.. I stayed in the kitchen, like Anne and Phil took their drinks back to the room, had died after ten minutes, I heard the stairs and along the main room. Only then drive back to the room to turn off the TV and sit on the couch with my third whiskey in hand. I could hear laughter and Anne sexandsubmission both laugh loud sexandsubmission noises such as knocks and bumps that came up through the roof. I heard the bed squeaking and moving, how sexandsubmission she fucked and sucked sexandsubmission in bed. This went on for over an hour in the morning and 4 hours BEFORE jus when I received another text by AnneI had sent out of the room, she would only say n : Cum for x I went upstairs and opened the door of the room, the intoxicating scent of explicit sexual activity in the air and the room was in total darkness. I moved next to the bed and pulled me out and then up the side of Anne. I kissed her mouth and I could tell gob - worked until the end because the queue was the fragrance all over your face and hair, and I could feel his semen salty lips. Phil seemed to be sleeping with his back to us and their loud snoring Anne and I laughed at his heavy sleep. I reached down between her legs and realized why I was so exhausted his pussy hole was open and saturated with at least two loads of sperm. Obediently, he got off the body and put me between her thighs, the sweet smell of his sperm and her juices sexy love was overwhelming and made my own cock throbbing and contraction of emotion. I began to lick and suck his swollen laboratoryia like the lips of their waste as sexy as I brushed my mouth. She spread her legs, she took it to feed the pussy hole, my tongue delve deep into it and sucked my tongue greedy sperm into a ball with his courage to allow another round of mess. I sucked and worshiped them orally for centuries, until it is completely cleaned and re- wet my sexandsubmission tongue, saliva, which was almost asleep when I took out of his body and slid my erection into her hole gaping pussy. Phil size and scale sexandsubmission really extended her pussy hole and I'm almost the same, when premature ejaculation, sexandsubmission splashing most of my sperm on her labia majora and bedding. A The next morning I awoke to find Phil Anne again, she was beside me with her legs spread, one of which is mounted on me and am deeply moved Phil entire bed when he was with passion, enjoy fucking the new partner. My penis was hard on a morning coffee and I willgan rubbing his hips and Anne Page, and fuck very hard and the welfare of his insatiable lover. made ​​her ' cry ' out loud as he pushed deep into her, filling her with his punches into his nine-inch thick cock, and she replied, wrapping his arms and legs to succumb to it, the size and the scope of masculinity and its always the dog that is owed. Finally, Phil whole body tensed and began to moan loudly, ' Oh baby, baby Oh yes, oh yes,' Anne said in as tight as it was emptying his load of cum deep in her hole I was in love and all those who stepped out of her stockings. Anne went to take a shower and a cooked breakfast with eggs and bacon, while Ana was in the shower, if Phil has given me, which began to have strong feelings for Anne, and I was worried that things go wrong when everything began to feel the same for him. I told him that as far as I'm concerned, Annestill loves me and only had ventured out of fantasy and reality, to satisfy our curiosity. accepted this reality check and left before Anne came downstairs... 'Phil has gone '? she asked into the kitchen ' Yes, there was a date that could not miss was said to be in touch' I did not mention what he actually said. Three weeks later the new year, Phil sent me an email saying that he move to sexandsubmission London and never play with us, he felt he wanted to engage emotionally and does not want to happen is that. All this happened three years ago, in 2007 opened a door in my relationship with Ann, it was clear she was very sexually satisfied only when they had the novelty and diversity of more than one man in his bed. Since then we have some experiences are always open and receptive to new proposals
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